All about Leather


Here are some information on the types of leather from which traditional leather pants are made!

Leather is a noble and natural raw material with excellent properties with some technical advantages over other materials. One gram Leather has up to 300m square inner surface. This allows leather to absorb up to 30% of water without becoming "wet". Leather can also absorb moisture inside and release it to the outside. No substitute even approaches these abilities. Especially with shoes and clothing leather is thus clearly in the advantage and offers unrivaled comfort.

Deerskin leaether (Hirschleder):

Deerskin leather comes mainly from red deer from the high mountain areas, Canada and New Zealand. It is typical of all suede skins that irregularities in its structure are detectable. Heckenrisse, parasites, fighting for debut and during the rut left their mark on the skin. Frequently, the skins are made in the old-sourt trang heritage process. Typical features of the tanning are the yellow core or the yellowish inside of the leather. As of now, we don't produce any lederhosen from Deerskin leather but this does not mean we can not produce. We can import Deerskin leather from New Zealand and prepare lederhosen for our customers subject to large order.

Wildbockleder (Mountain Goat leather):

Wildbockleder comes from mountain goats. It is very similar to goat leather. Due to the very firm skin structure, there are only a few fat deposits. This gives the leather a high tear resistance and durability. Wildbockleder is a very soft, lightweight clothing leather, with an optimal price / performance ratio.We also produce leather pants for alps fashion which comes from Kashmiri mountain goats. Himalaya region mountains of Pakistan and Kashmir.


Goatskin Leather:

Goatskin leather pants are of lasting beauty. They do not wear off. Due to the very firm skin structure, there are only a few fat deposits. This gives the goat leather a high tear resistance and durability. Goatskin is a very soft, lightweight clothing leather that offers optimum value for money.

Calf Leather:

Calf leather is made from the skins of young, un-grown cattle breed animals. One differentiates between "milk calves", which are young and very small and were raised only with milk. The skin is correspondingly soft, but also precious and expensive. So-called "eaters" were fed with green fodder, the hides are also firmer, thicker and must be split. The leather fibers of the calf skin are finer and softer than those of the beef skin. Thus, a veal split has a finer, dull shine and softer feel than cattle nip. Calf split pants are among the cheap Lederhosen.

Cowskin Leather:



Original Goatskin lederhosen produced in Pakistan



Wildbock leder

Wildbockleder mit leder